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Sponsorship and Community

We think it's important to pay it forward and cultivate success and we are proud to be able to support various causes with Proper Love! We have had a tradition of supporting local events and community groups, and have recently shifted our focus towards improving sustainability and making a positive impact on the environment. We are working towards supporting sponsorship opportunities that have same vision! 


Our crisps are 100% Natural, Real Food. They are Gluten & GMO Free and are Vegan-friendly, with no Added MSG or Trans Fats. Made with love, sunshine, and High Oleic Sunflower Oil - proudly Palm Oil Free - the Orangutans will thank you for it! We are also pleased to announce we have launched two new Crisps in Home Compostable Packaging. The team at Proper are committed to creating a sustainable and delicious future, and are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Take a look below to learn more about these nifty new bags.

Home Compostable FAQ's

What does Home Compostable mean?

In ideal conditions, our Home Compostable bags will break down in 6-12 months – quicker in the summer, and longer in the winter. Ask any keen gardener, and they’ll say that the trick to having ideal composting conditions is having the right combo of heat, water, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms. If you’d like more information about composting, there are plenty of resources available online. Here’s one to get you started!

Did you know some City Councils even offer Compost Bin Rebates? Check with your City Council to learn more.

What is it made from?

Our bags are made from plants! More specifically, a mix of GMO-Free Corn Sugars and Wood Pulp. The printed and barrier layers are made from cellulose, which are derived from Wood Pulp. The inner sealing layer is a bio-polymer (naturally occurring structure) made from GMO-Free Corn Sugars.

Is it Certified Compostable?

Each bag is made using Certified Home Compostable Films. We have worked closely with our packaging partner to ensure our films are Internationally Certified Home Compostable to OK Compost HOME Standards. To achieve individual certification for each bag, they would need to pass through an independent accredited test house. Due to the cost of each individual certification and time, we haven’t certified each individual bag, but is something we’re considering.  

What’s the difference between Compostable & Biodegradable?

It’s only our opinion, but we think Home Compostable is the most environmentally & user-friendly packaging option available today. There are so many terms out there, it can be a bit bamboozling.

Here are some definitions to help out:

  • Degradable – This is a standard plastic with a chemical added that disintegrates the bag into tiny pieces of plastic (called Microplastics)

  • Biodegradable – This is plastic which will eventually degrade into Microplastics from the action of naturally occurring micro-organisms, with no set time (could be 30+ years!)

  • Compostable - This is a product that is capable of disintegrating into natural elements in a compost environment, leaving no toxicity or plastic particles in the soil.

  • Commercially Compostable – This means only compostable in a municipal composting environment; moisture and temperatures of at least 50-65°C required to break down.

  • Home Compostable – This will compost at lower temperatures, ideally suited to a home compost bin environment (this is what we’ve chosen)

  • Recyclable - Packaging that can be processed back into reusable materials. This is what our Regular Proper Crisp Bags are, through the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme.

To learn more about our Home Compostable Packaging, visit our Supplier’s website.

Are all your products going to be Home Compostable?

Here at Proper Crisps, we are all committed to creating a sustainable and delicious future, and packaging is an area where we can have a big influence. This has been a big focus for us and is an area that we are always looking to improve. As home compostable packaging technology is always advancing , we are starting off by transitioning our new products into these bags, as availability of Compostable film is also in limited supply.  We are using this as a chance to hear consumer feedback, and to review any operational challenges caused by using a new film in our business. The more companies that come on board, the quicker we can help develop the industry and collection facilities.

Can I throw it in a Commercial Compost?

Yes, our Home Compostable bags can go to Commercial Composting facilities, you may want to first check your local facility takes Home compostable material.  Click below to learn more about dedicated commercial composting facilities around New Zealand:

Can I throw it in the rubbish?

Yes, but we'd really prefer if it went into your Home Compost, or a Commercial Compost Facility. Our Home Compostable bags can go to landfill and will act like Food Waste as it breaks down. It might take a bit longer to break down this way, depending on the quality, operational systems and age of the landfill, but our Home Compostable bags will break down into plant-based particles. It’s best to check with your local waste management system, but our bags are designed to break-down with heat, oxygen, water, soil and micro-organisms – best suited to your home compost. As always, Landfill should be the last resort for waste products!

Will my crisps go stale?

As with all our crisps, we recommend you store them in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight (and wandering fingers!). These packets won't break down in your cupboard, as they need a Home Compost environment (Water, Soil, Heat, Oxygen & Micro-Organisms).

What happens when it goes into the ocean?

Our film is currently undergoing testing for ocean degradation, which is a two-year process. Think of our bags as being like a Paper Bag; In wet environments, it will absorb moisture and become soggy and in a dry environment it will become brittle. While it’s true that a compostable bag will break down over time, more research is required to learn about its behaviour in waterways. Waste should always be disposed of thoughtfully, and never into the ocean. So let’s keep our communities clean and our waterways clear by picking up all our rubbish when we’re outside.

Tell me more about Organic?

Organic means “Produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.” potatoes are grown naturally like using compost,seaweed and natural oils.  The potatoes we use in our Organic Potatoes with Marlborough Sea Salt Bag are grown by dedicated, Certified Organic Potato farmers around New Zealand. These Potatoes conform to the The Asure Quality Organic Standard, which certifies and approves products, production units and manufacturers, assuring consumers that the product they are buying is absolutely organic. Organic audits are commonly performed on livestock farms, horticultural properties, apiarists, aquaculture farms and processors as well as on 'inputs' such as fertilisers. AsureQuality is a participant in the Official Organic Assurance Programme and IFoam accredited.

Join us on the journey as we move closer to making 100% Organic Potato Crisp! Did you know, salt can't be certified organic? To be certified organic, a food product has to be a living compound. Certifying a product as organic affirms that no chemicals or prohibited substances or practices were used in the product’s growing process… and since salt is a mineral, and doesn’t grow, it doesn’t qualify. We can confirm your Proper Crisps contains the finest Marlborough Sea Salt, sourced from the snowy stacks that grace the landscape at Lake Grassmere.

Tell me more about the Oil you use?

Maybe you’re reading on the back of our new Home Compostable bags, ‘High Oleic Expeller Pressed Sunflower Oil’, and scratching your head! Let’s keep this simple. This means it’s a minimally processed healthy oil that has literally been squeezed out of the sunflower seeds in one single step through the use of an intense force, without any added heat or chemicals. This process provides a toasted, nutty flavour which helps make our crisps taste so Proper! You can learn more about where our Oil used in our latest Home Compostable Bags comes from by visiting our oil supplier’s website, Pure Oil New Zealand Limited .


We are also pleased to announce that our High Oleic Sunflower Oil in our new Home Compostable bags is also now Cold Pressed and the sunflowers are grown and manufactured in Canterbury, New Zealand!  As for High Oleic Sunflower Oil, (pronounced oh-lay-ick), it’s a type of sunflower oil that has a high concentration of the fatty acid - oleic acid - a monounsaturated fatty acid which is in rich supply in olive oil and macadamia nuts – the good fats! For oil to qualify as High Oleic, the Oleic Acid percentage needs to be over 80%... Ours is 83%! We use High Oleic Sunflower Oil because it is low in saturated fat, has no trans-fat and adds a golden, nutty-taste to our Proper Crisps. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why our Proper Potato & Vegetable Crisps have a 3.5 Health Star Rating!