Sunny with a chance of Crisps

Did you know that Nelson is one of the sunniest cities in New Zealand? That's our crisps are 'Sunshine in a Bag!'

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Edition 2020

Made in Nelson, New Zealand



Hola Amigos! Our Proper Tortilla Chips are back with new and improved packaging, to keep that Proper Tortilla Chips from saying Adios! too soon. Perfect for your next nachos night, pre-dinner dips, and weekend hangouts with family & friends. Be sure to check out our selection of Proper Recipes, and feel free to send us yours! 

These new bags are still Home Compostable, and can be popped in your garden compost bin when you've finished the last morsel. These bags will break down in 6-12 months in a home compost bin, provided it contains the key compost conditions: Heat, oxygen, water, soil & micro-organisms. 

Check out our Home Compostable range here 

What's the Gossip?

latest Proper News

Proper Crisps x Garage Project Collaboration is Beer-y Good!

Sitting down one Friday, two iconic Kiwi brands shared a few beers and a packet of crisps and decided to create something epic. Nelson-based Proper Crisps and Te Aro brewery Garage Project have put their heads together to bring New Zealander’s the first ever Beer Crisps and Crisp Beers.

The savoury, umami taste is a mash-up of natural yeast, molasses, and sprinkling of maca root powder. The finishing touch is the fresh, hoppy flavour from locally grown Nelson Sauvin hops. Vegan and Gluten Free, this moreish crisp is just as crunchy as it is smooth! These Beer Crisps come in home compostable packaging, made from a mix of GMO-free corn sugars and wood pulp. These bags will break down in 6-12 months in home compost conditions.

Compost Tips

Here's a Proper tip! Fill your empty Compostable bags with veggie scraps, and just pop the whole thing in your Compost Bin when it's full. We think it's a brilliantly simple idea. You can then pop in your vegetable or cooking scraps, and when it's full take the whole bag out to your compost bin and either drop it all in the bin or take it back inside to re-use.


Take a trip down memory lane with us!


2 April, 2020

Proper Crisps & Hogarth Chocolate join to create Kumara Chocolate

Two Kiwi loves - kumara and chocolate - have come together in a very Nelson chocolate bar!



2 March, 2020

Hola Amigos! Proper Tortilla Chips Launch

Made the traditional way Tortilla Chips have been made for generations in Mexico, you can now enjoy a truly authentic Tortilla Chip at home. Gluten Free & Vegan.


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February 14, 2020

Latest Collaboration

with Trelise Cooper 

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue... These designer Crisps are made just for you! Seasoned with Pink Himalayan Salt, and made using a Home Compostable Bag, there's so much to love.