Forecast: Chance of sun and clouds and plenty of tasty crisps blowing in from all directions.

Special Web Edition

Vol 209
Nelson, 2019

Proper Crisps x Garage Project

Sitting down one Friday, two iconic Kiwi brands shared a few beers and a packet of crisps and decided to create something epic. Nelson-based Proper Crisps and Te Aro brewery Garage Project have put their heads together to bring New Zealander’s the first ever Beer Crisps and Crisp Beers.

The savoury, umami taste is a mash-up of natural yeast, molasses, and sprinkling of maca root powder. The finishing touch is the fresh, hoppy flavour from locally grown Nelson Sauvin hops. Vegan and Gluten Free, this moreish crisp is just as crunchy as it is smooth! These Beer Crisps come in home compostable packaging, made from a mix of GMO-free corn sugars and wood pulp. These bags will break down in 6-12 months in home compost conditions.


Here's a Proper tip for after you've finished eating a bag of Organic Potatoes with Marlborough Sea Salt! Fill with vege scraps, and just pop the whole thing in your Compost Bin when it's full. We think it's a brilliantly simple idea. Just polish off a bag of crisps, then tuck the base of the bag up to make a stand for the bag.

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Proper Taste with Less Waste

Known for hand-cooking chips the proper way, we have launched two new flavours everyone will love, in new packaging the environment will love, too.Featuring brand-new home compostable packaging, the new Proper Crisps Organic Potatoes with Marlborough Sea Salt and Proper Crisps Purple & Gold Potatoes with Cracked Pepper make the most of the best seasonal spuds and are now available for a limited time.Proper Crisps Organic Potatoes with Marlborough Sea Salt is a new twist on their award-win

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