What does Home Compostable mean?

In ideal composting conditions, our Home Compostable bags will break down in a home compost. It can take between 6-12 months – quicker in the summer, and longer in the winter - in ideal conditions. Ask any keen gardener, and they’ll say that the trick to having ideal composting conditions is having the right combo of heat, water, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms. If you’d like more information about composting, there are plenty of resources available online. Here’s one to get you started! Click here to see the Google search we have loaded for you, specifically for NZ best results in Home Composting. Did you know some City Councils even offer Compost Bin Rebates? Check with your City Council to learn more.

Are your Home Compostable bags Certified Home Compostable?

Each bag is made using Certified Home Compostable Films. We have worked closely with our packaging partner to ensure our films are Internationally Certified Home Compostable to OK Compost HOME Standards. To achieve individual certification for each bag, they would need to pass through an independent accredited test house. Back in February 2020, pre-COVID, we had handed some of our bags over to SCION (a Crown Resrach Insititure which is a NZ government-owned company carrying out scientific research for the benefit of NZ). Long story short, all to do with COVID, we have our testing underway and ihave just passed the 45 day test (Oct '21). We could have sent the bags ovcerseas for certification, but it was a chance to build the ability right here in New ZEaland, as well as having them tested in our environment.

What's the difference between Home Compostable and Biodegradable?

It’s only our opinion, but we think Home Compostable is the most environmentally & user-friendly packaging option available today. There are so many terms out there, it can be a bit bamboozling. Here are some definitions to help out: Degradable – This is a standard plastic with a chemical added that disintegrates the bag into tiny pieces of plastic (called Microplastics) Biodegradable – This is plastic which will eventually degrade into Microplastics from the action of naturally occurring micro-organisms, with no set time (could be 30+ years!) Compostable - This is a product that is capable of disintegrating into natural elements in a compost environment, leaving no toxicity or plastic particles in the soil. Commercially Compostable – This means only compostable in a municipal composting environment; moisture and temperatures of at least 50-65°C required to break down. Home Compostable – This will compost at lower temperatures, ideally suited to a home compost bin environment (this is what we’ve chosen) Recyclable - Packaging that can be processed back into reusable materials. This is what our Regular Proper Crisp Bags are, through the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme. To learn more about our Home Compostable Packaging, visit our Supplier’s website.

Does it really compost? (Yes, it does!)

Are all of your products going to be Home Compostable one day?

At Proper Crisps, we know there is no silver bullet solution for sustainability, rather it takes a million little steps to create a more sustainable and delicious future. Home compostable packaging is a great step forward, and we want to make more home compostable bags available in New Zealand. Technology is always advancing too, so we are always looking for new ways to make all of our bags more reusable, recyclable or compostable.

We now have 10 products in the Proper range which will continue to be available in home compostable packaging including our next step in our home compostable packaging journey, we are launching four smaller bags (35g) in March 2021. The four flavours are Dill Pickle with Apple Cider Vinegar, Sage & Onion, Marlborough Sea Salt, and Cheeza-peno Tortilla Chips

What if I don't have a Compost Bin?

We'd really prefer if our bags went into your Home Compost. However, our Home Compostable bags can go to landfill and will act like Food Waste as it breaks down. It might take a bit longer to break down this way, depending on the quality, operational systems and age of the landfill, but our Home Compostable bags will break down into plant-based particles. It’s best to check with your local waste management system,to ensure it has the ideal conditions to break down our bags. Landfill should be the last resort for waste products! Our Home Compostable bags can go to Commercial Composting facilities, you may want to first check your local facility takes Home compostable material. Click here to learn more about dedicated commercial composting facilities around New Zealand. Live in Auckland? Check out this nifty initiative by Share Waste! Share Waste is a free platform where people with food scraps/compostable items can connect with people with compost bins, to keep it out of landfill and add to their compost.

Why have your Tortilla Chips changed from Compostable to Non-Compostable?

Feedback from our customers has told us that you love our authentic Tortilla Chips, but for some, the price was a little too high. So, we now have Tortilla Chips available in both home compostable and non-compostable bags at a more affordable price, so you have a choice and nobody has to go without our delicious Tortilla Chips.

You can still get your Proper Tortilla Chips in home compostable bags at specialty retail stores including Farro Fresh, online at https://www.propercrisps.co.nz/buy-online or you can get them in the non-compostable bags in other supermarkets. The non-compostable bags can also be recycled through the soft plastics recycling scheme.

We have also launched a small packet (35g) of our popular Cheeza-peno Tortilla Chips in a home compostable bag which you can find in convenience stores e.g. dairies and petrol stations, and coming soon to some of your favourite venues!

How do I tell the difference between your Compostable Tortilla Chips and Non-Compostable Tortilla Chips?

You’ll see the ‘Home Compostable Bag’ graphic displayed loud and proud on the front of the home compostable bags, and in the attributes section on the back of the bags.

Why have you launched a 35g range in Home Compostable bags?

Our research found that a huge amount of litter comes from snacks purchased in convenience stores such as petrol stations. It makes sense, as more and more people are eating on the run – you buy single items to eat on road trips, to take to the beach or for an afternoon snack. Small bags especially are sneaky at blowing away and landing in our waterways and on roadsides. This is exactly why we have launched four of your favourite products in new snack size (35g) home compostable bags. So, you can take it home and compost it or dispose of it responsibly – but if that pesky bag gets away from you, at least you know it won’t sit on the roadside! Just like our large home compostable bags, the new smaller bags will also breakdown when exposed to water, heat, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms in a home or commercial compost environment.

How can I help create a sustainable & delicious future?

Any time you make the choice to purchase our home compostable products you make a difference as every home compostable bag purchased is one less plastic bag made!

Not only does it help the environment, but it helps us make home compostable more of a reality for Proper Crisps in the future. The more people who buy home compostable bags, the more home compostable bags we can make.

You can help by choosing home compostable bags whenever you can and telling your friends about it too! When you can’t purchase our products in home compostable packaging, we recommend you recycle the non-compostable bags through NZ’s soft plastic recycling scheme wherever possible.

What are your sustainability goals?

We’re not just working on packaging here at Proper, we’ve got some other nifty sustainability initiatives too and we’re always working to improve! Our key sustainability goals include:

  • Reducing emissions from our Proper factory & transportation
  • Reducing our water usage
  • Minimising waste
  • Educating Kiwis about sustainability
  • Where possible, using locally grown and made ingredients

As well as introducing home compostable packaging, we’re proud of the many other actions we have taken towards achieving our sustainability goals over recent years. These include making sure we source ingredients responsibly, changing packing materials, and reviewing how we operate in our factory & head office. For example:

  • We source environmentally responsible materials. We only ever using sunflower oil (never palm oil!) and work with local farmers to grow our raw material. All potatoes & other vegetables in Proper products are NZ grown.
  • We have sourced cartons made from 40% recycled materials to pack our bags of crisps and decreased the amount of shrink wrap used to wrap pallets by 40%
  • We have introduced a second bagger to our factory which has improved the sealing process, thus reducing the number of wasted bags due to rips and tips
  • We commercially compost raw material scraps from our factory
  • We have introduced recycled water for our daily factory clean down, saving at least 2,000 litres of water each day
  • We work with local businesses to reuse and repurpose any excess cooking oil from our factory
  • Recycling services are provided on-site for batteries, cardboard, glass, aluminium and plastic
  • We have eliminated the use of coffee pods at our head office and replaced plastic milk bottles with glass, which get collected and reused

If you’ve got a question or great idea to reduce waste, we would love to hear from you! You can contact us at info@propercrisps.co.nz

Proper Home Compostable Bag RETURNS

Our local supplier Econic happily composts your crisp bags for you. Bundle up a stash and post them back to the following: HAMILTON 5 Latham Court, Frankton AUCKLAND 2nd Floor, 2 Kalmia Street, Green Lane CHRISTCHURCH Unit 6, 16 Sheffield Crescent, Burnside


Owen with Econic compost.jpg

Proper's Home Compostable bag producer, Econic's owner Owen with their onsite home compost