the Proper sHELF

Here's what to look out for in the shops! We are proud to present our Home Compostable Range, our Potato Range, our Vegetable Crisp Range and our Limited Edition shelves. Happy Snacking!

SP 150mg_edited.png
R & T 150gm_edited.png
Sea Salt 150gm with invisible background
CV 140gm_edited.png
Kumara Pepper Onion Hi Res Invisible.png
KUM 100gm_edited.png
Kumara Chipotle & Garlic 100g_edited.png
Share Bag Mock Up.png
GM 100gm light coloured_edited.png
Trelise Cooper Bag Mockup Pink.png



Cheeza-peno 170g Mockup.png
Salted 170g Mockup.png