Our team

The team that bring you Proper Crisps are a flavoursome bunch! This mixed bag of colourful personalities work together to perfect your delivery and ensure you receive cracking crisps wherever you might be in the world!  

Head potatoes, Ned & Mina, are the driving force behind Proper Crisps. They've been at the helm invigorating the nation's tastebuds naturally since 2011, and have nurtured the company from seed to success.

Ned & Mina are no couch potatoes. Hands on in the business, they’ll dig into whatever needs attention to ensure that your Proper Crisps are perfectly crafted and delivered to your favourite store. You’ll often find them out in the field cultivating customer relationships and making crisp loving friends!


Andy is known as our "Team Captain".

A leader of the team Andy keeps the Proper Team on track so that we can keep producing the crisps you know and love. 

A fan of sports he loves a good cricket game or a hit at tennis. His addiction for salt has led him into a love affair with the Proper Crisps Marlborough Sea Salt. 


Duncan, our Commercial Manager is the Proper Crisps head cultivator. He’s our meet & greeter, communicating the Proper Crisps love to the world! Or at least between Cape Reinga and Stewart Island.

Ask him why he loves being a potato head because you meet some great people. And nobody is nicer that the Proper Crisps eater. If you want to know anything (and we mean anything) about Proper Crisps, Duncan’s the guy to talk too!

Aaron is the co-ordinator of the crisp, otherwise known as our Operations Manager.

This man pulls our outstanding team together to make sure each department is achieving the goal of delivering your perfect Proper Crisps.

He reckons you’ve got to have an awesome team to create an awesome Proper Crisp, so he ensures that nobody at Proper Crisp HQ has a chip on their shoulder!

He works closely with Ned and Mina, and loves to plant a seed potato idea and watch it grow and develop. 

While we’re on the subject of quality control, meet Kris! Kris is our Food Control and Quality Assurance Manager. Making sure each chip is just the way you like it is very important to her. 

Graduating with Honors from Otago University she loves working in sunny Nelson where she was born. 

Always looking for new flavours, Kris has a particular crush on our New Garden Medley bag especially the beetroot crisp.

Her downtime is spent with her family enjoying the great outdoors skiing on water or snow when it's about.   

Emma the Marketing Specialist works closely with the team to help share the Proper Crisps story far and wide, making sure our Proper communication is kept spic and span and looking its best, both online and in print.  She’s a superfan of the Marlborough Sea Salt Crisps, which she tries to balance out with plenty of walks around Nelson with her pet pooch.

Meet Peter Taylor the Tater Trader! You’ll find him out and about making friends and spreading the Proper word all around the North Island. Based in Paeroa (you know, from the world famous L&P - Lemon & Properoa!), he is a big sports fan and a DIY-kinda-guy that loves renovating his cottage. As for his favourite flavour, well he’s not a fan of heat but can’t get enough of the Kumara Chipotle and Garlic Crisps – he loves balancing the heat out with a classic dip.

Chloe puts the crunch into Customer Service and Sales
Starting early in the morning, Chloe is our Sales Smooth Operator who makes sure you get your orders on time, and is in charge for sending crisps far and wide!

A fan of our Rosemary & Thyme Crisps, she balances this with playing netball (where she brings a few bags of crisps along for the team!) and is part of the crafty Nelson scene, known for her excellent pickled vegetables and fabulous knitting.

Shout out to Eddie our Production Manager, getting it all organized is his thing. 

During the day he keeps our supplies up and running so that we our team can pack your "Sunshine in a bag", then in his free time he loves being around the ocean or cycling around Nelson.

Mandy's A-Game is Administration and Accounts. 
Mandy is a whiz with our accounts and loves to keep it all in order. Always smiling and willing to help if you have any queries about Proper Crisps give her a shout. When she’s not crunching numbers, Mandy is part of the Nelson smallbore rifle club and also enjoys biking, hiking and relaxing at home with her favourite crisps - Kumara Chipotle & Garlic.

Dan the man, he drives the van,
He keeps the warehouse orderly,
Driving the forklift, packing orders, he’s really quite extraordinary.
There’s nothing too big or small that Dan cannot do,
So next time you see Proper on the shelf... you can say “Dan did that too!”

Barry, our Finance and Administration Manager aka Spud Cruncher, is in charge of balancing the Proper books. Or, as he summarises, to make sure there’s more coming in than going out! Barry is a real sports fan who loves to play golf, mountain bike and watch his kids play cricket, hockey, touch rugby, dancing and golf. His favourite flavour varies throughout the year, at the moment it’s currently our Proper Kumara Crisps.

Jocelyn is our fabulous HR & Health and Safety Guru, and keeps things ticking behind the scenes making sure everyone is happy and healthy! She also supports the Sales Team with Exports and Sales Reports – you could say she’s a Jocelyn-of-all-Trades. Her favourite flavour is definitely Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt, and thinks the more zing the better.

You might have seen Kieran, our local Potato Peddler travelling around Nelson (and beyond) delivering Crisps far and wide to our wonderful stockists. Nicknamed by his customers, Mr Crisp – if you see you Kieran stopping in at your local café, pub, vegetable store or school, be sure to give him a wave! In his free time, you can find Kieran exploring the great outdoors with his dog Patrick. His favourite flavour to take with him on a hike is definitely Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt.